Jack's story

Christmas can be a difficult time for any family with a very sick child; it is undeniably worse when the prognosis is terminal. For the family of six-year-old Jack Kyte, the devastating news that their son’s cancer could not be cured was understandably heartbreaking.

The Trust had established a link with the family through its pampering sessions at Wexham Park Hospital. Through the generosity of a friend of the Trust, a treat was organised for the family – passes to a special premiere of the hit film “Alvin and the Chipmunks.”

When Jack’s parents wanted to bring Christmas forward, to ensure that the family could have one last Christmas together, the Trust helped by providing the works – the full festive meal, presents and other groceries to alleviate some of the financial pressures burdening an already exhausted couple.

When Jack died, on 5th January, the Trust helped with organising the funeral and providing support. Jack’s siblings spent time at the Trust making candles and pictures for the funeral, helping to design the service sheet and compiling albums featuring favourite photographs of their brother and poems they had written.

Through Reflections, the Trust will continue to offer friendship and support to Jack’s family.