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Sebastian’s Action Trust 50:50 Club

Joining our 50:50 Club is a great way of regularly supporting the Trust while being in with a chance of winning one of four cash prizes each month.

Members subscribe to pay £5 a month to the Trust and receive one permanent lucky number, which is entered into a monthly prize draw with four cash prizes.

It is called 50:50 because each month half of the money paid by club members goes directly to funding the Trust’s support initiatives, while the other half goes into a prize fund. At the end of each month the Trust uses a computer programme to randomly select four winners with the overall winner receiving 50% of the prize pot, and with the second, third and fourth prize winners receiving of 25%, 15% and 10% of the prize pot respectively.

For example:
If we had 2,000 numbers in our club it would give a monthly prize pool of £5,000 - with the other £5,000 going to the Trust. This would make four guaranteed winning prize amounts of:

1st = £2,500     2nd = £1,250     3rd = £750     4th = £500

Why take part?

The 50:50 Club is an easy way to support the Trust and you stand a good chance of getting something back, too. Obviously the more members we have signed up to the club the bigger the prize fund will be and the more money will be raised for the Trust. By taking a single number in our 50:50 Club you will be making an annual contribution of £60 to Sebastian's Action Trust, which could bring about meaningful support to very sick children in a number of ways:

    • It could sponsor a child on one of our Sibling Activity Days - giving the brothers and sisters of youngsters with life-limiting illnesses a chance to spend a day enjoying some special treats, in the company of others facing similar difficulties


    • It could cover the costs of a family using our unique holiday home in the picturesque village of North Waltham for a day


    • It could sponsor the provision of a selection of books for one of the mobile libraries we have installed in various hospitals treating very sick children

pdfIf you would like to take part, download this form  and return it to us or contact us on 01344 622500.



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