Here for families of seriously-ill children. Always.

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My finance and welfare worker was wonderful. She was informative, helpful and understanding. I was overwhelmed by the task of trying to get wheelchair funding and don’t think I could have faced filling in the forms without her assistance”.

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Having many professionals involved in your child’s care can be overwhelming and knowing what you need, want and can access for your child can feel like an impossible task.

Our Finance and Welfare Workers are trained to be able to help in a myriad of ways, including:

- assessing your eligibility for benefits
- assisting with charitable application forms for specialist equipment or necessary housing goods
- advice and guidance with completing DLA and PIP forms
- advice on EHCP’s
- creating budget plans and advice on repaying debts
- assistance with housing adaptation needs
- assistance with seeking increased respite
- accessing holidays
- attending critical meetings to provide emotional support so you don’t feel isolated in a room full of professionals and being a third party record of what has been discussed

Our workers can help provide the scaffolding of support necessary for parents to advocate for their child’s needs as well as their family’s needs.

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