Here for families of seriously-ill children. Always.

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Remember a Charity Week 2017

This week is 'Remember a Charity in your Will Week 2017'. We are therefore asking our supporters to consider leaving a legacy to the Trust. After providing for family and friends, remembering Sebastian’s Action Trust in your Will could make the world of difference to the families of seriously-ill children we support.

Our Chair of Trustees, Mark Courage, comments;

“I am very fortunate to be Chair of this wonderful charity which does so much to support families of seriously-ill children. As a director and financial adviser of my own business, I know how time consuming work and social life can be, and how it impacts on financial planning. My motto is simple - "why put off tomorrow what you can do today”. We work hard to get out of life what we put in and therefore protecting what we have can be so important.  Writing a Will means less financial headache for those you leave behind. Also, as well as some tax advantages, leaving a gift to your favourite charity can have a lasting impact. For a charity like Sebastian's Action Trust which does not receive a penny of Governement funding, leaving a gift in your Will can make a real difference to families facing the most difficult of challenges.'

Learn more about legacy giving by visiting We always recommend speaking to speaking to a solicitor about your intentions.


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