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our champions Hollie

Hollie Mae Oxenham - A princess in pink who will be forever five

Raising money in Hollie’s memory

After four years of perfectly good health Hollie was diagnosed on the 1st May 2013 with an incurable brain tumour. Her death a year later on the 29th April may have robbed her loved ones of the opportunity to watch their beloved daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin and friend grow into a young woman, but Hollie has left an indelible print on the lives of all who were privileged to know her.

Love and laughter were clearly big aspects of Hollie’s life; in spite of the devastating diagnosis Hollie continued to bring sunshine, smiles and much merriment until she drew her very last breath. Time spent with Hollie always involved laughter, giggling and lots of affection- she was an articulate, confident little girl who enjoyed ballet lessons, trips to Legoland, having her nails painted, lunch at McDonalds and storytelling at the library with her grandparents.

Hollie was a little girl for whom all things princess related were favourites- Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Snow White and Rapunzel were idolised, along with the DVD Frozen which she loved in spite of watching it many, many times. Hollie’s favourite companion was the well loved Naughty Mr Ted who even now is rightfully by Hollie’s side. Recently, a new addition to Hollie’s bedside companions came in the form of Build a Bear “Chew” who in addition to her trusty pillow pets, Butterfly and Unicorn, provided much comfort over the past year.

In the last year of her life Hollie battled with the effects of an incurable brain tumour, but she never allowed her condition to define her or dampen her enthusiasm for life and living. According to Uncle Harry she is very similar in temperament to her daddy- laid back and possessing great strength of character, which was seen in abundance through the last few months in particular when she was so very poorly. Visitors, even in the last few weeks were greeted with a thumbs up or wave when a smile became difficult to muster. For the nurses and therapists who spent time playing, treating and supporting (especially Helen, Jules, Molly and Lauren) there was appreciation and impeccable manners, in spite of the pain and discomfort Hollie endured.

Hollie and her family became known to Sebastian’s Action Trust early on in her treatment; they enjoyed time at The Bluebells as an extended family with Nanny Carol and Grandad John, as well as attending events like our Christmas party and Easter Egg Hunt. Wellbeing therapy came to Mummy Louise as well as Hollie and sister Emily, allowing a relationship to develop that made us privy to the Oxenham family during their most difficult days. When it became apparent that Hollie really wanted to be a bridesmaid for her mummy and daddy the Trust was able to help with the hastily organised Oxenham family wedding-such a happy occasions in spite of the worries of Hollie’s rapidly deteriorating condition. No-one present on that glorious March day will ever forget the beautiful sight of Louise, Emily and Hollie arriving to meet John- the beaming smile on Hollie’s face as she scattered petals as she entered the ceremony, or the poignant picture of her cuddled up with her daddy throughout much of the wedding breakfast.

A week before her death Hollie was crowned Bracknell’s Child of Courage-a small way in which recognition could be paid to her incredible bravery, resilience and grace in fighting an impossible battle. Hollie has touched the lives of so many who are so lucky to have known her. We know that her life, although short, was lived and loved to the full.


About the fund

At Louise and John’s request donations to our charity were requested in lieu of presents at their wedding and in lieu of flowers at Hollie’s funeral. We are so grateful for this acknowledgement of the support we have offered and will continue to provide.

Raising funds in Hollie’s memory will allow us to continue supporting other families who are facing the heartbreak of losing a much loved child.



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