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Team TobyTeam Toby 

Raising money to support Toby Dobson

Toby and his brother Cameron were born on the 31st of January 2007 weighing just 1lb 12oz. Sadly Cameron passed away at just 2 hours old. Due to complications Toby was transferred to the Princess Anne hospital in Southampton. Toby was born with chronic lung disease and underwent heart surgery, a hernia operation and eight blood transfusions in his first few months of life. The coming months were an agonising, emotional roller coaster as Toby battled for life. He remained on a ventilator and spent 160 days in hospital until he was well enough to come home. He was dependant on oxygen until October 2010. Toby has since been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. His future development is uncertain and we are doing everything we can to ensure that he makes as much progress as possible.

Team Toby evolved as a number of friends, family and colleagues wanted to help and support Toby's development, alongside the professionals who meet Toby’s medical, physical and emotional needs. We are truly grateful to all those involved and would not have such a happy son without their help and support.

The funds raised by Team Toby are primarily used to purchase the equipment and therapy Toby needs and is not provided by the NHS. Over time, Team Toby has branched out and is now helping charities that are close to our hearts and have provided much needed support to Toby and his family. One of these charities is Sebastian’s Action Trust.

Sebastian’s Action Trust has supported the whole family with invitations to events tailored for us as individuals as well as a family unit. These include activities such as a mums’ sleepover, dads’ days, chill and chat, coffee mornings, art and music workshops and parties for the whole family. Never did we imagine that Toby would be playing a musical instrument on a backing track, riding on a bucking bronco or that we would all be part of a choir singing at The Anvil theatre with Alastair performing a solo. We have achieved all of this through Sebastian’s Action Trust and are grateful for the continued support we receive. We are happy to be able to give something back through fundraising and volunteering with the Trust.

Running total:

Great South Run - £732

November 2014 Chocoholic Party - £255

Purley Downs Golf Club - £7191 (Toby's Grandparents)

Bradbeers Relay Marathon 2015 - £1000 and still counting


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