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In 2010 Ruby Thompson was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma, she was 11 months old and the disease had paralysed her. When we were told what was wrong with our little girl we found ourselves in complete shock. Our perfect baby was suddenly hooked up to machines with tubes going in and all we could see was months of hospital ahead. The reality and enormity of her diagnosis was hard to process. My heart had been ripped apart, the pain was unbearable. Knowing that our baby was facing months of sickness & pain was the hardest to come to terms with.

We were told that she only needed a small amount of chemo and she was in remission by February. Several months passed and we were blessed to have our girl back to normal again. She was learning to walk finally, but was falling over a lot.

I fell pregnant again in March and our lives felt like they were back on track. Jack arrived December 10th on his due date. Everything was wonderful for a few weeks.

Ruby had an MRI scan early January and our worst fears were confirmed. It had come back. This time it was in her bones, her chest, spine and neck. This time she would be in for a much rougher ride. She had now become high risk.

Months of chemo, surgery, stem cell harvest, radiotherapy & immunotherapy followed. After a year she was nearing the end of her treatment, only 3 more months to go. It was early January and a lump appeared on her eyebrow. We thought perhaps she had bumped it, but knew it was unlikely. A CT scan confirmed the lump was neuroblastoma and despite all the treatment the disease still managed to come back. All treatment was stopped. We were in a position where the NHS had nothing else to cure her with, they could only provide her with palliative care.

About the fund
We found ourselves in a place we feared in our darkest moments. Helpless to fix our girl.

On June 7th 2014, Ruby lost her fight and our world was forever shattered. The little girl who's smile and personality was so special, that although her life was too short, she will influence mine as long as I live.

Throughout our journey we were lucky to have been helped enormously by Sebastian's Action Trust and we will continue to raise funds in her name and use the money to help other children whose lives are limited.






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